Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Shopping Pictures

Mike in the most attractive hat made since the Cowboy hat. Hehehe....
Mike and I shopping for him. Mike looks excellent in his pink bathrobe. Plus that bathrobe is uber-soft!
Nicole, Jess, Mike. We all match. Nicole's red shirt, my red shoes, and Mike's red tie. We all called each other and planned to match. Precious!

Ben and Mike showing off their Bling.
Nicole and I in our HOT new jackets.

SV Auto Show

Ben's dream car....keep dreaming. :) Ben was like a little kid at the circus in this car. He fell immediately in love with it. BMW M6.
Ben and I in the Solstice. This is in a more reasonable price range.
Bumblebee! Josh, this is totally for you kid!
Nicole and I in the BMW M6.

This is the fastest car in the world! Also, one of the most expensive I've seen. $1.7M.

I look good in a Mini, mostly because I am a mini person. :)

Girls Night Out

Meredith, Jess, Mikey, Nicole. Nicole got us tickets to a Sneak Peek showing of P.S. I Love You, so we ate pizza in line and just enjoyed a night without the guys. :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas in Idaho!

The Teton Pass in a storm! I am so glad that it doesn't snow in the Bay!
Sami Jami and I listening to our I-Pod and playing Dominoes. Dad and Grandpa ( Poncho Villa) at the Erickson Family Christmas party.
Poncho Villa and Josh in their "sweet" Oregon State gear. Josh thinks that he's quite the gangster. Josh thinks that he should have been born black because he raps and has style. :)
Josh and I in his favorite Christmas presents!
Cousin Megan, Poncho Villa, me, and Amie (my sister-in-law) at the Erickson party.
The Erickson Clan. My Mom's siblings and parents.
Ryan Ball, Josh, me, Matt, Whitney Call, and Megan Call.

Lacey and baby Oly on Christmas morning.
Grandpa Berry (my Uncle Rich) with baby Oly on Christmas morning.
Morgan on Christmas in her Christmas outfit that I gave her. Doesn't she look like a Christmas present in that outfit? I think it is fitting, given that Morgan really is a gift to all of us this Christmas season!
Avery having a nap! Hehehe!
Josh, Poncho Villa, and Matt at the Erickson party.
My Mom Christmas morning in her "environmentally friendly" Christmas present from my Dad. Doesn't she look great? :)
Avery reading her babies a nap-time story. This girl is so smart!
Joshy and Matty! Such handsome fellers in the early morning.
Dad and Mom Christmas morning!
All I have to say about this photo is: Josh this was such an awesome gift for Dad!!

Avery and her sled in the house, she hasn't learned how to use it in the snow quite yet.
Holding Amie's gun, it is pretty sweet! Mostly to show that I'm kind of still a redneck at heart. :)
Papa and Avery.
Joshy opening his "FAVORITE" present from his "FAVORITE" sister. Who says that presents can't buy love? :)
Josh and I with the Oregon State hat that was practically impossible to find, but Josh asks and I deliver.

Reggie Reed posing with the quilt beams that are two of him.
Avery in her Christmas pajamas!
Avery trying to take pictures too at Christmas, never wanting to feel left out.
Amie and her new gun! Not sure who was more excited for this gift. It has a 25 round banana clip and a red dot scope! She looks pretty darn good.
Matt and his new Daisy BB gun. Matt is trying to reconnect to his childhood!