Sunday, October 12, 2014

NACS Show 2014

As always Vegas entailed a lot of good food...including this beautiful RARE filet! Even though I wasn't feeling well I still was able to polish this baby off. It was a busy week, very beneficial, lots of new products to try, and I think MW and Gordo had an entertaining time as well. 

This picture is for our Kool-Aid loving Uncle Rich! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What Has Been Going On?

1. I've been hanging with/being babysat by these little ladies! 
2. I've been sick... nothing says happy birthday like a trip to the ER...more to come on this in a coming post.
3. Work is keeping me busy enough that I might look into cloning. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Most Fitting Birthday Gift!

 The gals in our Tetonia office gave me this awesome t-shirt to me for my defines me and my job well! Thanks ladies, you all are awesome! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Birthday Lunch With My Matty and My Mattie

For my birthday Matty and Mattie Faye took me to lunch, we had a good time. Mattie Faye loves horses so we just had to get a picture with this big horse when we went to lunch. These two are two of my best friends, thanks for making me feel special! 

Joshy Captured Me in My Most Common Pose

Yes, can I have a bite of that! 

Color-blocking According To The Expert!

Yes, I wore this outfit-proudly in fact. I have ten colors on in this photo and I think I look bright (which translates to AWESOME)! 29 looks really good on me in this photo! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Huntsman Springs Golf Outing With The Berry Boys

We did a little pre-birthday golf outing today. Last year when we golfed this course in September we experienced a thunder/lightening storm and lots of rain. Having that experience I dressed for winter this round. Score wise it was not the best round, due to work constraints all summer and health issues I had only golfed a hand full of times all summer. Not being able to grip the club is sort of problem when trying to golf. However, even when I golf poorly, golf is always fun. It was nice to be unplugged for a few hours! After golf Dadio treated us to sushi! It made for a great day. Thanks!  

 The boys dressed for summer
 Laugh all you want but that ear warmer made the day even better! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday Outing For Mama Berry!

Mama Berry's birthday was a National Holiday this year (literally, Labor Day).  We spent the day in Swan Valley, eating, fishing, eating, Joshy catching fish, Averina catching a snake, Brown Eyes and Mattie Faye collecting shells and throwing rocks in the river, and topping off the evening with square ice cream cones at Rainey Creek. All in all I think Mama Berry had a good birthday hanging with her favorite people-her family. Happy Birthday to the lady that most people mistake for as my older sister! You're a wonderful mother, nurse, friend, witch on a broomstick, and mentor. We LOVE you, Mama Berry  

And there is no guessing where Mattie Faye gets her squinting eye smile!   

Babysitting Joshy's fish

Dadio was taking this photo, we should photo-shop into the picture for a Christmas card? 

Summer of 2014 = Non-Stop Working Summer of 2014

In May we decided to buy a new convenience store. This translated into a great opportunity and a boatload of work. It was a busy three weeks preparing to take over the new store. The day of the switch was crazy and of course, when it rains it pours. That same morning one of our transport drivers was hit by a car while unloading fuel so yes one more mess. 

July is consistently the busiest month of the year for Berry Oil and Berry Trucking. This July was a whole new kind of busy! We had some unexpected, yet very needed personnel changes at the beginning of July. Translation: I had the privilege of working in Tetonia the rest of the summer. Thanks to great people in our Tetonia office, we made it through, we hire new help, we revamped several processes, we all learned a lot, and we were all a little tired come fall. Below is how I made it through. :) Sometimes you have to go through hell to appreciate the calm moments. Even though it was a VERY long summer of work it still felt like Christmas in July. The perks of working in the Tetonia office include a two block commute to the office, sushi and Thai food runs (frequently), lime freezes at least weekly, hot tubing almost daily, and of course, the dirt roads. (Okay that last one was a bit on the sarcastic side). 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Surprise Weekend in Boise = Delicious Food

Mike threw SJ a surprise 30th birthday party and so SEC and I went to Boise for the surprise. Gari, SEC, and I went for Indian food when we got to town. Sorry SJ, we missed you that night. Gari made us her famous biscuits! We love them so much! It was great seeing Gari, SJ, Mike, and their little girls for the weekend!