Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday Outing For Mama Berry!

Mama Berry's birthday was a National Holiday this year (literally, Labor Day).  We spent the day in Swan Valley, eating, fishing, eating, Joshy catching fish, Averina catching a snake, Brown Eyes and Mattie Faye collecting shells and throwing rocks in the river, and topping off the evening with square ice cream cones at Rainey Creek. All in all I think Mama Berry had a good birthday hanging with her favorite people-her family. Happy Birthday to the lady that most people mistake for as my older sister! You're a wonderful mother, nurse, friend, witch on a broomstick, and mentor. We LOVE you, Mama Berry  

And there is no guessing where Mattie Faye gets her squinting eye smile!   

Babysitting Joshy's fish

Dadio was taking this photo, we should photo-shop into the picture for a Christmas card? 

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