Friday, September 26, 2008

Congrats MAAM!!!

Mike and Amy are getting married today! Yah! I called that one on this very BART ride to a baseball game (see above picture) very early in the M&A combo. What great individuals and a great couple!!! Congrats my friends! Good luck and thanks for being such good friends.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whom Have You Touched Today?

"You feel as if everyone should write a book before they die, but their book is already written. The pages live within those they've touched" -William Shue

Monday, September 22, 2008

5 Things Idaho Has Done To Deborah!

Yes leave that detailed of a comment on a post and it becomes a post in and of itself! So my friend, Deborah, moved from Carson City, Nevada, to Rexburg, Idaho. Yes you can bet that I'll be emailing Jake about the Tacos comment tonight! Hehehe.....

1. I don't technically recycle, but in my house it's that saying about use it up, wear it out, something something or do without. We reuse everything before throwing it away. Except of course gross stuff like dental floss. Eww.
2. I call my hubby dude. It earned me raised eyebrows when we first got married, now it doesn't faze him. But I must admit, he's a dude, so it's not as bold as calling your mom dude.
3. I use to eat yogurt and granola by choice, then I moved to Idaho.
4. I LOVE sushi! The kind without raw fish of course. And I totally knew what you were talking about when you said a California roll.
5. I need as much heat as I can get for winter! I don't shave my legs - unless I'm about to eat tacos. And that's a joke that you'll have to ask Jake and his younger brother about.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

5 Things California Has Done To Me

1. Learned to recycle (no, we don't recycle in Tetonia, Idaho).
2. Now say "Dude" on the phone to my Mom almost every call.
3. Eat granola and yogurt by choice for lunch frequently(weird I know).
4. Actually enjoy a California Roll every so often (Sushi without the raw fish).
5. Due to the awesome weather I now shave my legs a LOT more frequently.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Christmas in September!!!

In Macy's Christmas can be anytime of year apparently. But seriously this is a bit ridiculous given that that Pagan holiday people refer to as Halloween is still a month away. *Mikey and I are standing next to the coolest trees (Candyland and all things Sports). :)

HC Turns Young Again!!!

Starting the night out right at Amber at Santana Row. Enjoying Indian food that would literally knock your socks right off.
Mikey and Heather before the birthday wish!
The girl can hold up traffic on Santana Row....impressive!!!
Mikey got a new camera and was a bit camera happy so I was more than willing to give her my best material. ;)
Birthday Girl!!!
Mikey and Heather again.
Mer and I
We heart HC!!!
What is she doing? Who cares! She is the birthday girl, so it is cool!!!
Happy Birthday Heather!!! Hope you have another great year and just remember that no matter how old you feel; Mikey will always be the old one!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Classic Boy Jock/Girl Jock Dating Dynamics

Every girl jock would prefer to date someone that is a jock because they love sports and want to share that common link.

The classic scenario: Girl jock really really loves sports and typically is attracted to the other guy jocks she's around. When girl jock falls for boy jock; the boy jock typically even if they could very well be interested the boy jock doesn’t pursue girl jock because they like the jock buddy they have so therefore they go after the girl that is not a jock to keep their girl jock relationship in tact (i.e. tennis partners, soccer buddies).

Guy jocks take pleasure in teaching girls how to play sports (that is their comfort zone of knowledge). Given this desire to teach there is less appeal in dating the girl jock because nine times out of ten she'll teach you or show you up.

There is the classic tactic of the girl jock: try to downplay your jock abilities to get them to take the chance on you. Hahaha! This tactic is rarely successful. Then there are the hybrid girl jocks (like me) that are jocks but still can clean up for church and such.

Do some guy jocks date girl jocks? On a case by case basis, but it usually is only after both the girl jock and guy jock release their grip on the fear of risking the jock relationship. Interesting dynamic that continues to withstand the test of time.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Dinner with the Girls

KT's gchat status the day of my birthday read: "red meat + beautiful women = fabulous". How true that statement really is! I really can't remember the last time my birthday wasn't celebrated with a juicy steak, whether eaten by me or my family members rubbing it in that they were eating Prime Rib in honor of The Berry National Holiday. The company was awesome, the Filet Mignon was just the right color of red, the potatoes were divine, and at MacArthur's Park they have crayons and sheets of paper to doodle on.
JB1, KT, SH, MP, and JB2
Sam Hall and I: this girl literally would do anything for anyone. One of the most compassionate people I've encountered.
JB and JB!!! Pretty much made my day having JB there! I heart JB!
Maren and Sam!
JB and KT
Birthday drawing from KT. Hehehe...that girl is always spot-on! ;)
KT and I! The organizer, mastermind, sounding board, divine blessing, and she almost has an ego the size of mine (which makes her legit in my book)!
Maren and I! So there was 100% acceptance to this dinner and given that Miss Maren was on the list that is saying something! Maren is leaving us for 1 1/2 years to serve a mission for the LDS church and I will seriously miss having her with us but she can expect a party when she returns!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Paint Card from the Master!

Sandi Jean taught me everything I know about MS Paint and for my birthday she proved again that she is the Master and I am simply her apprentice. Thanks SJ! I bow down to the Master!

VOTE: Best Dr. Pepper Advertisement

Leave a comment to place your vote for the best Ad! There is a correct choice here!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Birthday Picnic

Every Birthday week should start out with an awesome kick-off picnic that includes some sort of recreational sport. Can anyone say Two-hand Touch Football? While my team was defeated in the end, I did score a birthday touchdown and only clothes-lined HC once (huge accomplishment for me)! It really was a fun afternoon with all the right fixings: Great people, great food (Meredith made my birthday cake: Oatmeal cake), Dr. Pepper, football, softball, lemon bars, and Keena and Sachi taking one for the team and playing Two-hand touch with us! Thanks kids!
Joel is refueling at halftime.
After some roughhousing with MCB: he's lucky he made it out alive. :)
Mer and Sachi: crazy ones.
Sachi getting ready for her first down of football. Will she be ready?
Yes, wrong sport. The US Open isn't held on a football field.
Amy, Mikey, and the football
Dave and Tim! Love these guys!
Keena, Heather, and I waiting for the action to start!
HC: super excited to play!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Labor Day Relaxing!

Where are the sun glasses while watching some of the boys?
The "men" wanting to be "boys" again.
In my opinion there are three holidays a year that demand a BBQ and swimming (where the weather permits of course....not Idaho). Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. This year: 3 for 3. Batting a 1000! For those of you that have a slacking average remember that there is always next year and don't worry I got enough sun for at least seven people. :)

Awesome Monday Morning Gift!

I really think that Heather has the makings to be a professional MS Paint artist! Keep practicing! ;)

Flashback: Seven Years of Gratitude

Seven years ago this morning I was in a terrifying car accident on my way to work. I was young, stupid, and speeding on a dirt road. I fishtailed and proceeded to roll my car several times into the left-hand side of the ditch bank. A lot of things flashed before my mind in those moments and I really thought as I came eye-level with the ground that I was going to die. Thank goodness my Heavenly Father has more in store for me to accomplish on earth. By all accounts it was a miracle I survived the crash. Once again this morning I am whisked back to that day and find myself re-living those moments and also remembering how grateful I am to have made it again to another great September. I remember the evening of the accident my brother, Matt, taking me to the park to hit baseballs and as we came home walking into the house finding my closest friends pulling off the first "surprise" birthday party I'd ever had (they were only successful because I was still in shock I am sure). I remember hugging Sara "Bagley" Telford and being reminded what a wonderful gift life really is! It really was the greatest gift I could have received for my birthday that year and as a wonderful reminder of gratitude ever year moving forward.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Flashback: Businesswoman At Heart

As a little girl I had my own “real estate business”. Yes some girls play Barbies or play house yet I sold skyscrapers to people. I sold the Empire State Building to my Mom. I sold the White House to my Grandpa Berry for over a million dollars (thinking at the time that was a whole lot of money for a building, boy was I understating the market value!). I sold real buildings along with buildings that I made up in my imagination. My Grandma Erickson gave me all her old office supplies and a briefcase. The name of my company was JLK Inc. Lindy and Katie Friesen worked for me, but they weren’t as interested in the business as I was. I even had my own business cards that read Jessica Berry, President (obviously I was going to be the President). I loved playing business; loved making deals, collecting "money", and writing checks (yes, I know that is weird to enjoy).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Mom, Nurse, and Friend

Yes, I am looking forward to holding my age as well as my Mom does. :)

Today is the 2nd greatest day in September (My Mom knows what the 1st greatest day is): My Mom’s birthday! For those of you that aren’t aware my Mom, Michelle Berry, is a woman of many trades. She is first and foremost a mother. She is a registered nurse, an accountant, a computer programmer, a bill collector, a CFO, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a neighbor, a Grandma, and the coolest Auntie. I have met many talented women throughout my life but I’ve never met another woman with such a broad spectrum of talents that performs all those talents and roles in such a magnificent way! I was told once that you should try to apply the principles that your parents exemplify in your own life. Not sure if I’ll ever measure up but I sure have an excellent measuring stick to work with, my Mom.

In honor of this special day I wanted to list out some specific reasons why I love my Mom:

1. Her sacrifices as a mother to make our lives richer.

2. Pushing me to exceed my limits with my cerebral palsy.

3. Late night talks in her bedroom.

4. Pushing early morning family scripture study (she didn’t have much luck but it was still appreciated).

5. Teaching and bearing testimony by example. For example: The way she took care of Grandma Berry or the way she takes care of Dick Barney (she really was meant to be a nurse, she has that nurturing personality) or the dedication she shows in her church service and visiting teaching.

6. Takes teasing! “That’s NOT Appropriate”

7. Rubbing my aching arms and legs.

8. Correcting our English.

9. Teaching me how to cook, to work at Berry Oil, to clean.

10. Being a great 2nd Mom to Reggie, Lacey, Samantha, Morgan, and any other kid we brought home.

11. Being a wonderful wife.

12. Teaching me to send thank you notes.

13. Being a constant best friend!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! You are the kindest person in our family and we really appreciate you balancing the rest of us out!