Friday, August 23, 2013

My New Second Home...Salmon, Idaho

At the end of July, we had an employee give her notice. Luckily for us the timing worked well, we hired Gordo to run our Salmon operations days later. It has been baptism by fire for Gordo...and a lot of time in Salmon for me. A three hour drive through the desert of Idaho, with no service for much of the drive. Temporary residence at The Stagecoach Inn. The opportunity to explore all the eateries of Salmon. (Britt, I've found some amazing Flan for you). Small town life at its best. Everyone has a story...or two. When I went into the bank for the first time, before I handed the teller my deposit she says: "You must be that Berry girl". (The town knew I was coming). Unfortunately when I see the most redneck spectacles I don't have my camera handy. For example, a old man on a motorized scooter...and his dog riding along. Or the Salmon Santa Claus in summer attire. (It is my goal to capture these for historic purposes).

Who knows, I might just take up permanent residence one day. 

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