Thursday, November 26, 2009


***Note to readers: I realized last night that Thanksgiving may very well be my favorite holiday next to the Berry National Holiday (Sept 10th) of course.

(In no particular order and only a sampling of the gratitude in my heart)

1. The Plan of Salvation (click to read and learn more)
2. My Family
3. My Palo Alto Family
4. My Bosch mixer; bringing a little bit of Tetonia to Palo Alto every batch of Mama Berry's rolls made in it.
5. The Yankees winning their 27TH WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP!
6. Seeing tender mercies daily through the service of others
7. Temples (click to read and learn more)
8. Original recipe Dr. Pepper
9. Biofreeze and Sombra (magic in a bottle)
10. Minnie Berry
11. Botox (how else did you think I look so young?) ;)
12. New Family Search (genealogy for dummies)
13. The Purple H&M dress + MPR's makeup additions
14. Sleeping through the night
15. Ab Ripper X
16. Jesus Christ and His Atonement (click to read and learn more)
17. Afflictions and heartaches that humble and soften the heart

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy the day and BE GRATEFUL each day of the year!

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kt said...

And I, Jess Berry, am thankful for YOU!