Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bouquet Toss Page Style

Note 1: If you are unfamiliar with the bouquet toss or the infamous history of me being involved in bouquet tosses I HIGHLY recommend you start this post with a refresher course here.

Note 2: In order to enjoy the full effects of this post I HIGHLY recommend enlarging each photo!

Shall we begin now...

This time I was up against rather stiff competition. I'd been sizing them up for awhile. The main ones to look out for were HC: we meet each other on the Frisbee and football field often enough that I realized she could (with enough motivation) take me down quite easily. Little Page: Runs track for BYU, is a Page so her competitive nature is on steroids (in theory people, in theory), and she at the time was just waiting for a proposal so the motivation was running high! Rebecca: The potential dark horse of the bunch. We haven't played sports together but I've heard plenty of stories, she's taller than little me so the could have been to her advantage, therefore, I had my eye on her.

I was positioned well, as step 1 states...Be in the middle (see picture below). My disadvantage: height, always height (which is why I MUST marry for height (and love of course)...I MUST give my children the most ideal athletic advantages I can muster as I already have HIGH athletic aspirations for them).
As you can tell, even though I was in the middle I am vertically challenged to say the least so my hands were no where near the bouquet. Also, note Little on the outside of the brawl just lurking, waiting for her entrance into the pack.
What is not captured in the photos: Once that bouquet came down into the mix of hungry women, Little Page and I both placed our best death grips around the bouquet and pulled. The crowd disappeared and it clearly became a two woman fight.
(Enlarge this want to enlarge this one)
Note the spectators laughing in the background, realizing that losing was well worth watching this struggle of strength. Notice when you enlarge the photo that it nearly looks as if I'll be eating Little Page for my evening snack (apparently the J-Dawgs didn't fill me up).

After a tug-a-war that was would be noteworthy on any playground during recess I finally decided that the honorable thing to do was to relinquish my grip and let the sister of the bride be the Victor for the evening.
Little Page's excitement is more fitting for scoring a touchdown. I would have thrown a flag for excessive celebration after the play had I been the referee of that toss. ;) We were both lucky enough to stay on our feet (note that we went bare!), can't say the same for others.

The way I see it is this, at HC's wedding I am the dead-ringer. I am the 2009 Yankees coming into Game 6 of the World Series and Andy Petite is pitching...the clear winner. With Mer, MPR, Little Page, and HC out of the picture my pool of competition shrinks significantly. Sure I need to be aware of the dark horse SJ but the outlook for this upcoming toss is looking pretty bright.
Next live event: Dec 12th, Arcadia, CA. Wish me luck! Stay on those feet Berry!


Sunshine said...

Maybe for old time's sake, I can stand there with my back to the single ladies, and you can just run up and rip it from my fingers.. you know, like at Mikey's wedding? ;)

Can't wait!

Jess said...

As long as I leave that reception with the bouquet in my hands I'll take the win however it comes!

moma berry said...

jess you are too funny....