Monday, April 8, 2013

Life At Berry Oil...

Have I mentioned we are implementing a new accounting software program at Berry Oil? Have I mentioned we might go crazy in the process? Or pass out from exhaustion? 
We were going live on May 1st...that deadline isn't going to happen, so we are shooting for June 1st now. This means until mid to late June my blogging will be spotty and a bit limited. Just imagine that every post would look the same if I were posting daily: in my office, making lists, training on the new software, making assignments, crossing things off my many lists, and occasionally taking a break to go sit in one of my outdoor office locations to soak up a little vitamin D. 

Things I'm looking forward to when we get up and running on the new system: 

Vacation (I will be coming to CA and DC when I'm free later this summer) 
Joshy coming home from his mission 
Leaving the office early enough that others aren't locking me for my own safety
Cooking again

Until then...

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