Monday, February 22, 2010

Gchats Lead To Poor Eating Habits

***Who knew that talking about cereal would drive me to eat at 11:17 PM. Thanks JP...I'm placing all blame on you!
me: you Jenn
10:46 PM Jenn: POST
oh darn it too late
can it be on the merits of cereal boxes?
me: oh sure
Jenn: and how the bottom of frosted mini wheats should itself be a cereal
me: oh yes
Jenn: when it is all crushed up and is basically powdered sugar
10:47 PM me: that sort of makes me hungry
is it wrong of me to eat at 10:45?
10:48 PM Jenn: hmm probably... i mean you've got to eat before 10:44, i had to rush back from fhe to have my bowl of frosted mini wheats (the bottom-yes!)
or no
or if you have good cereal you are allowed
me: well I have life cereal
10:49 PM Jenn: cinnamon life?
me: I am not a huge cereal eater
I like three cereals
maybe 4
Jenn: regular? jess berry that's like cardboard. no sugar at all
me: Corn Pops
Raisin Bran
Jenn: ooo corn pops are pretty good
raisin bran a solid choice
probably good to have in repetition
10:50 PM me: and on occasion Frosted Mini Wheats

Jenn: so jb what do you like to have for breakfast?
me: chocolate instant breakfast
I only eat half the package of course
10:54 PM because it is too chocolaty for me
Jenn: man you're against chocolate too?
me: NO never!
10:55 PM just too much in the morning and I'd either be flying off the walls or have a headache by noon
Jenn: ooo that sounds like yesterday when i had a fourth of a jar of nutella
me: but if you were to feed me chocolate cake in the morning I'd eat it
ooooo...maybe I should go eat Nutella
10:56 PM Jenn: yeah i think that is a good idea. hehe
me: lol
Jenn: do you like my status?
me: YES
being quoted by JP is my goal...every GCHAT!
10:57 PM people don't utilize their statuses enough
10:58 PM maybe that means they are boring?
Jenn: what do you mean utilize? like say hi so and so i'm available for dinner on such and such night you should ask me out?
cause i was thinking of it.
me: oh...YES!
that is genius
Jenn: that would be desperate i believe
me: this one time
10:59 PM I put a link to a play in my status and said: I want to go to this!
Jenn: ?
me: next thing I know...a guy asked me to the play
how about those results
Jenn: dang
11:00 PM see you could pull that off
i would get no response
me: (it helped the boy had already asked me out)
Jenn: hehe
me: you should try it
do it with subtly of course
11:01 PM don't use a "!"
Jenn: okay use "!!!" ?
me: hehe
Jenn: i really want to go here "link" hint hint!!!
me: 7 is better than 3
proven fact
11:02 PM Jenn: !!!!!!! seven is hard to count
why is it a proven fact?
me: is the perfect number

11:17 PM me: well now I am going to go eat chocolate cake
cuz I'm hungry
Jenn: do you have any milk to go with the cake?
me: yes I do
11:18 PM Jenn: whoo. that was close. chocolate cake needs milk with it
they're married
me: love you! sleep tight and post due by Thurs
love it
Jenn: don't tell chocolate chip cookies that though
me: haha
Jenn: good night!
me: oh I love chocolate chips
11:19 PM g night
Jenn: me too.
love you!
(virtual tuck in!) (*hug*)
me: hehe..YES

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