Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guest Blogger: Email From Mama Berry

Jess since you are not answering your phone, i have a couple of follow up questions for you.

1. have you found a chiropractor and when is your appt?
2. Have you quit playing i am still nursing my knee i can't help but think about your sore body and how you are going to have to take better care of it or else. Even the bike helmet won't prevent that kind of wear and tear.
3. you are beautiful
4. When is the fireside for the youth you are speaking at? what are you going to say? give me your 1st or 2nd draft
5. Is it still raining? It rained here today and then snow went to Jackson and not much snow at all over there.
6. Do you feel better than last time i talked to you?
7 Have you been out of bed? hehehe
8. Are you as tired as me? I need my battery charged again (stopped at the library so i think i might just lounge and read books and not answer the door or the phone and just make something up about being confined to bed)
9. Do you want me to hug the girls for you? Morgan came over sun nite for a while and she kept wandering around saying Jessica jessica jessica we explained that you weren't here she just kept looking for you it was funny
10. Did you know that uncle rico is coaching josh's basketball game tonight? I'll let you know how it goes
11. Is your mother random?
love mom


Rachel said...

I am now a fan of your mother. She writes quite similar to my own.

Jess said... am I!

Coleen said...

Grandma says: Jess, talk to your Mama!! She really didn't confine herself to bed as she should; they took us to eat, then we watched Courtney's b-ball game this week! Our love to you!

tball said...

We all love your mama! :)
And it sounds to me like she's missing you.
She's always told me that some day she was going to stay home and 'eat bon bons' but doesn't sound like she's tried it yet.