Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pining For Undergrad Redo

Last week JP and crew had Cec and I over for dinner at their "house"...that is a glorified fun house. It definitely made us yearn for yesteryear or rather rethink the undergrad experience we had. Clearly we missed the boat by not attending Stanford. They have a chef!! Not kidding here folks, really a chef. A fully stocked fridge, laundry on site, a pantry full of snacks that would please even the pickiest person, did I mention a chef? As I type I realize that all that seems rather familiar to my experience of having Dan and Pat's house at my disposal in undergrad. The only thing is I had two chef (one that makes Sloppy Dan's) and Pat would stock the fridge with my favorite juice, so I suppose I am just as lucky as these girls!

Dinner was great! Love those girls, love berry crisp (yes that was dessert), love M&Ms in the pantry!
Oh and Cec is moving in with these girls...see she fits in the closet quite nicely.