Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hamilton Celebrates In Style

RH had a birthday this week and celebrated with an interesting bunch...see photo above for proof. Alright, let's be honest the only goofballs involved were WW, BT, and myself but seriously that's enough to really spice up any birthday dinner.
Pizza Chicago, mint brownie pie, mood lighting, and some acoustic serenading from MM and MK all the made the cut for this great girl's birthday!
I had said it before and I will say it again: I do heart RH! Glad we had a chance to celebrate YOU! (PS: RH makes me look even more white than I really am!)


Brooke C. said...

Nice legs Jess.

Jess said...

Haha...thanks BT!

Whitney said...

You know you've got great legs! ;) #6 right? And I'm glad that I get the "Goofball" label. It makes me feel like I earned it! I know you don't dish such things out lightly.

Happy birthday BTW!