Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inner Workings Of The Stanford Junior Mind Part 8

***My Stanford Sophomore is now a Stanford Junior as of Monday. My how we grow up so fast!

A few days ago I got lost at work. Yes lost on my second to last day of work. Unfortunately the story gets worse.

I work at an engineering firm. The cubicles come in three shades, brown, gray, and orange. The cubicles are believe it or not aligned in a grid system. You'd think it would be easy to get around. Apparently I never quite grasped the idea.

My assignment was to push a cart with weights to another building (see diagram below, please disregard the out of ordering building letters, engineers are a little iffy on english). The weights were to be delivered to Frank. I looked on the company map and found his cubicle number as 43. I begin to push the cart, with the weights, about 30 pounds each to the other building. As usual the cart is loud, one of wheels doesn't quite touch the ground.

I get to building F and push the cart around looking for cube 43. After ten minutes I can't find the cube. So I decide to leave behind my loud cart and look up and down the aisles. After another ten minutes I find a reception's desk. I ask where cube 43 is, she says "Oh you are here to see Nancy? She is just around the corner?"

After looking up the correct cube, she directs me to the right to the other building. I turn left to find my cart. Unfortunately as I walk around the cubicles I begin to realize I've lost my cart. After another ten minutes I find my cart and walk back past the receptionist's desk.

I did find Frank.

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