Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Court-side seats + Alphabet Date with DR + JH for a Quarter = AMAZING NIGHT!

Most Mondays never start out wonderful. Most Mondays are barely manageable. Most Mondays are days we seek to forget. Most Mondays this Monday was NOT!

Bro Branson emailed early that morning saying he had two Warriors tickets. JN was on the list so I immediately emailed JN and said: We both are entering the lotto and we are going together. I can make such demands of JN, we have such a friendship. I won the lotto! JN found out that he couldn't come because of work but told Bro. Branson that if he won he wanted the tickets to go to Jess (what a sweetheart). Not until JN told me did I realize these weren't just good seats...but COURT-SIDE tickets!

Deciding this would be a perfect opportunity to employ the Alphabet Date, please see previous post, the search for one lucky date began. I figured since I am a J and that JN was going to go that I'd start with the Js. JM had to decline (apparently in grad school they have research papers and deadlines, who knew). JF said thanks but he already had a ticket to go (I forgot to tell him that they were court-side). JH said that he already offered to pickup an investigator for FHE otherwise he would. I dangled the temptation for a few minutes but in the end righteous obligation won out (my respect increased right there and then).

That rounded off the Js. At this point I was thinking "does court-side tickets mean anything these days?". Was I to go up or down in the alphabet? With the anticipation of court-side seats looming I decided that I would go down and use my gchat list as my reference and the criteria was that they must appreciate the opportunity. DR was next on the list. Luckily for DR he had done his homework and read the Alphabet date post and immediately asked if it was his turn in the alphabet. My response: Yes! He said definitely yes. JH pinged me 5 minutes later saying said investigator was moving that night instead so he was free but court-side tickets go fast ya know. Later that day, JH pinged me saying he was going to the game with DR's roommates (they ended up with an extra ticket (DR's ticket....hmmmm....imagine that), JH being slighted two times in one day. DR did let JH have a quarter court-side with me, only fair to JH.

Sitting court-side was AMAZING! We are talking incredibly awe-struck at moments. I am a rather petite person to begin with, then place me next to 7 foot giant, Duncan, and I appear to be a tiny toddler. Tony Parker is so graceful on the court and I don't even like the Spurs but have to admit to this fact. Pretty sure that DR and I had Christmas perma-grins on all evening, even with the Spurs KILLING the Warriors. The court-side morning afterglow is refreshing and sweet! Thank you Bro Branson...what a guy!

DR was an excellent alphabet date, I highly recommend the letter "D". 1. He told me at the beginning that he would be the best alphabet date yet. It was good that he set the expectation. I believe in setting expectations and then working to meet them. 2. He fed me ice cream and DP on our way to the game (oh yes that is right...sweeten up the girl at the beginning and she'll be charming all night...please take note). 3. He made it clear that while I did the asking his wallet was doing the paying for the entire evening. 4. I learned interesting "guidelines" about DR's approach to dating...priceless. 5. No awkward doorstep scene.

I think I shall like to be an alphabet girl after all.

The lucky ones...yes we are in our seats not just down posing for the picture. You see the court behind us, right?

JH was so overwhelmed with the close proximity to me...oh I mean, the players that he is rather like a deer in the headlights...classic JH look!


Deborah said...

Two dates in one night! It's your magnetic personality for sure. And you're winning smile.

So no pics of the game?

Bryan said...

See if you can work your magic for a few courtside Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Lakers tickets here in Utah for the playoffs huh?

Jess said...

Deborah....obviously that was why. It had nothing to do with court-side seats. ;)

Bryan...I think my luck is limited to the Bay (at least from past experience). I do have three tickets for behind the dugout this weekend for the Giants' game. ;)