Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parents Come To The Bay

Papa and Mama Berry came to town last week! We had such a great weekend! It started off with slight panic by all (driving in downtown SF...hehe) but quickly became great. Friday we spent the day in the City, I took my parents to H&M (I know really exciting for my Dad) and we did some other shopping as well that resulted in me purchasing my FIRST ever high heels! Now please note that for an average girl in her mid-twenties this is EXTREMELY shocking but for me finding a pair of high heels that are cute and that I am able to walk in without breaking the only good leg I've got is HUGE!
We of course had hot fudge is a MUST when Ron Berry comes to town! PS: I took this photo to capture real-life in the day of oil-tycoon/Bishop Berry, always on that phone. ;)
Friday evening we went to WICKED!!!!! It was AMAZING!!! I highly recommend seeing it if you haven't already. It was beautiful, funny, and all around wonderful.
My Dad even liked it!!! Thanks for taking us Daddio!
Dad and I waiting for Caltrain. Yes, I made my parents take Caltrain to the Giants game. I wanted them to experience life as a local. Hehehe...standing room only on the train...not my brightest idea.
Please ignore Mom and I in this photo and concentrate on the fellow behind us waiting for the train, in particular the white hat and the RED belt! Classic! All found at our very own California Ave Caltrain station.
The Bay from AT&T Park.
Saturday we went to the SF Giants game. We had pretty great seats! We sat in the Chevron Club Suite above home plate. The great perks of having the folks visiting! It was a good defensive game that the D-Backs took in the 9th. A beautiful day for baseball!
Papa and Mama Berry with their FAVORITE daughter! ;)

Thanks for coming! It is always great to see and spend with you! Love you both! Even if you park my car illegally in SF, Daddio! ;)


tball said...

Looks like mama/papa had a good time, and you were a great host! I'm going to SLC to see WICKED w/ Trena next wk...:) And he is always on that phone...

Amie said...

Well.....what didn't you do on this trip? Fun fun......I was a little disappointed you did not post a picture of your high heels......that is a big deal!

Paul and Aubrey Young said...

looks like you guys had so much fun. It is great they came to see you.

moma berry said...

Jess we had a great time thanks for
all of the entertainment and mad driving skills.

Deborah said...

You went to WICKED?! Lucky (Napoleon style)!!