Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jess Berry Candy

Last week RM compared my sass and sweetness to Lemonheads, see previous post. KT immediately countered and found the "Jess Berry candy". Above is a picture of the candy version of Jess Berry. Below is an email from KT on The Jess Berry Candy.

Per our phone conversation last night, I just want to prepare you for the experience of eating Jess Berry flavored candy.
When you first taste it, you may be a little overwhelmed by the intense sweetness and tartness of the flavor. You may not be sure if you even like it, but I promise you that you will quickly become addicted.
Even if you don't like the flavor, which won't offend me, trust me when I say this candy is beautiful to look at. It really is the perfect candy.

Sounds like Jess Berry in my humble, expert opinion. ;)

1 comment:

REIJA said...

I was wrong. I hadn't considered you being a PINK lemonhead.

But now I see the wisdom. KT always had a little extra style.