Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Visitors In The Bay

Last week was full of visitors! My two uncles were in town (Jeff not pictured) and my good friend Tiff. It was great seeing all three of them. I was itching for some home and it definitely came in the form of these three. T.Hammer was in town for a wedding. Jeff was in town for a PA conference and Jed (yes the YOUNG guy is my uncle) was in town for a Podiatry Med school basketball tournament played up in the city (obviously he's not working hard enough in med school). ;)
Jed Fred's team took "POD" State....oh I mean first place in the tournament. We had to get a picture of him with the trophy...mostly so Ava could see. ;)
Jed Fred and I. As Em (Jed's wife) put it: You look great - Jed looks like a monster next to you!
Jed Fred trying to mall me with his sweaty self...not funny! I still love ya though!
The proud team! Now mostly for your Erickson siblings and anyone else that knows Jed's history and the Erickson temper (that they all have). ;) He was pretty well behaved. He only let his temper flare a few minimal times with the referees, so proud. No punching cement walls, no broken hands, noses, only a very very sore Jed Fred. It's a good thing too, I just didn't have the cash on hand to bail this one out of jail had it gotten out of hand. Jed told me not mention this but I never promised. By the championship game Jed was sooooo tired and worn out he had to take himself out of the game. All that age is finally catching up to you old man! ;)
T. Hammer and I on the Golden Gate Bridge! As you can see from our faces...and my choice of outfit (outfit as in clothing section not the vehicle I drove for the Idahoans that are confused by the lingo) for the day...a very BRIGHT day in the city.
T.Hammer in front of the bridge. Thanks for coming Tiff! I always have a great time with you. Love you and our friendship!


moma berry said...

it looks like you had a great visit and Jed does look a little sweat bomb

Sandi said...

I like your yellow capri pants...they are super cute.